Our guest accomodation is unfortunatelly limited. We have occasionally free kuti and a guest room available. If you like to stay here for few days, please write to us for more information. (If you prefer to stay nearby overnight, there is a bed and breakfast Obolnar in Dolenja vas, 10min driving or 30min walking from the Hermitage.)

In any case, you are welcome to visit Samaṇadīpa any time for the day, keeping in mind the purpose and tranquil atmosphere of a meditation place. You can also make an appointment to meet the monk on arranged time. There are many beautiful paths for walks and peaceful spots for meditation, and you are welcome to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the forest and the countryside. (More information for longer walks you can find on tourist web-page.)


Monks of the Hermitage strictly follow the monastic code (vinaya) as has been laid down by the Buddha. The laypeople who come to the Hermitage are not bound by the rules for monastics. You can interact with them as you would with any friend or acquaintance. However note that,

  • in addressing a monk, it is generally considered impolite to refer to them directly by name without an appropriate form of address. Any monk can be addressed as “Bhante” (in Pali language) or "Venerable" (in English) or "Častiti" (in Slovenian). Alternatively you can address any monastic who has been ordained for more than ten years as “Ajahn” (in Thai). [Occasioanally you might see in some formal writings "Thera" ("the Elder") and "Bhikkhu" ("a monk" or "a "alms-mendicant", abriviation is "Bh."), however usully we do not use them when we address a monk.];

  • according to the rules of celibacy, a monk preferably may not sit or talk alone with women in indoor closed areas. The presence of another man is required;

  • the rules for monks and nuns require that they do not touch members of the opposite sex. No need to feel awkward. If you wish you can greet them by holding your palms together in the praying position;

  • lay visitors are requested to dress modestly when visiting.

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